Blink(1), The Cute Little Indicator Light, Is Kickstarting Itself Into A Second Version

Blink(1), a Kickstarter favorite that launched a year ago is coming back for more. The indicator light, which plugs into your USB and simply blinks on command, is now selling for a pledge of $25 and sports updated features including USB 3.0 support, dual-sided LEDs, and improved design.

I haven’t seen an example of a Kickstarter project launching a second version so soon or with such competence but here you go: the new Blink(1) will now support more machines – Chromebooks included – and improved IFTTT. It also features dual LEDs so on one side of the device you can show a status indicator and, on another, get input from another program. Think of it as a multi-tasking blinkenlight clad in a handsome metal and plastic case.

I have the original Blink(1) and, sadly, I’ve yet to decide what I want to do with it. However, I would definitely also buy this one in order to also vacillate and eventually lose it in my pile of detritus on my desk. However, you can use it as an open source indicator system, an alert system for alarms and sensors, or simply use it to let you know how hot it is outside or whether or not someone delivered a package on time. It’s especially useful if you’re running, say, a server farm and want to immediately pinpoint bum machines or stopped jobs.

The team is looking for $28,000 and is already at $9,000. They plan to ship in October. This new blink is also completely open source and you can build your own or even print out your own enclosures. It’s a fun little device at a nice price and, if you’re not lazy like me, you’ll probably find it quite useful.