Young Mad Scientist Super Awesome Sylvia Is Kickstarting A Robotic Watercolor Set

A 12-year-old maker named Super Awesome Sylvia (she is quite super awesome) is looking for $50,000 to build a robotic watercolor set, the WaterColorBot, that can draw nearly anything you design in a computer paint program. Asking why you don’t just take brush to paint pot with your hand is irrelevant — this, friends, is a robotic watercolor plotter. ‘Nuff said.

Sylvia is working with Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories to build the kits, and a pledge of $275 gets you a WaterColorBot that acts just like an old-fashioned chart plotter. It is nearly complete and EMSL writes:

To put the kit together, you’ll need small and medium philips-head screwdrivers, and a sharp pair of scissors. Pre-teen and younger kids will need adult help to put it together and get started using it.

The system “paints” vector-based files in SVG format, so you’ll need to find applicable pictures that can be easily resized. However, it shouldn’t be a problem to mass-produce your notes to Grandma or that wonderful vector graphic of your pet cat.

via BoingBoing