TechStars-Backed Bookkeeping Service 10Sheet Relaunches As Bench With New $2M Seed Round

In June of 2012, a company called 10Sheet launched out of TechStars NY with a plan to revolutionize bookkeeping for SMBs through software. But despite the brilliance of online services, some things are a bit too important to trust to an algorithm. Learning this, 10Sheet is today relaunching as Bench.

Still a bookkeeping service, Bench makes it easy to keep a record of your transactions and expenses so that the bookkeeping portion of your business’ equation is never a distraction. However, Bench focuses far more on its human bookkeepers now to ensure that users feel they are completely taken care of when it comes to their company’s financials.

See, 10Sheet was originally the of bookkeeping, with human bookkeepers that oversaw the happenings within their system to ensure a technically sound service. However, when it comes to highly important documents, it appears people are far more comfortable talking to a human, which is why Bench puts more of a focus on human interaction.

In fact, the first thing that happens when you sign up for Bench is that you’re introduced to your personal bookkeeper, and asked to schedule an introductory call with them. 10Sheet’s first call to action was to sync your financial accounts.

“[Our bookkeepers] ensure the quality and integrity of our clients’ books, and they are there to provide technical expertise and answers whenever needed,” said founder Jordan Menashy. “It was our clients who told us that is was this experience they found most compelling and reassuring about Bench. And it makes sense, they’re entrusting us with something very personal and technical – their books.”

That said, Bench is launching with a brand new $2 million seed round under their belts, from investors like Contour, High Peaks, Lerer, and Quotidian.

In the end, Bench is a very similar company to 10Sheet in that the problem and solution remain the same. In fact, many of the features such as the ability to auto-schedule a FedEx pick-up of your documents or snap photos of receipts are still available. However, this time Bench ensures you feel like you’re in capable hands of someone you know.

But why the name Bench?

“We settled on Bench because it felt organic,” said Menashy. “It’s a real object, with associations of sturdiness and support. This is who we’ve become in the lives of our clients. Something very real, more than just UI, and ultimately there to support them.”

Bench costs $99/month and is available now here.