Tim Stevens Out At Engadget, Marc Perton To Take Over

Once hailed as the nicest guy in tech, Engadget’s Tim Stevens is no longer Editor In Chief, with gdgt’s Marc Perton taking over as Engadget head while a new EIC is found to round out the management structure. Perton will be taking on the Engadget Executive Editor role permanently, we’re hearing.

It’s not clear whether Stevens resigned or was terminated, according to different accounts from sources, with Aol (our parent company) asserting the former.

Aol’s boilerplate confirmation: “Tim’s leadership enabled Engadget to become the leading voice in the consumer electronics media. We are extremely grateful for Tim’s stewardship and wish him well. Marc Perton will become Executive Editor of Engadget and we will launch an immediate search for an editor-in-chief to ensure Engadget continues to deliver the high quality and respected content our fans expect.”

Perton has donned many hats in his tech news career, from Senior Editor at Engadget to Executive Editor for Consumer Reports, and then Director of Content for gdgt. Engadget will begin searching for a new EIC (to whom Perton will report) immediately.

Aol seems to have a hard time keeping its tech blog EICs at the top (gulp), with Stevens joining a long line of high-profile Editor outs, including Josh Topolsky’s, Erick Schonfeld’s and Michael Arrington’s.