Of Course Microsoft Is Rumored To Be Making A Smartwatch

Quick! Everyone! Jump on the smartwatch bandwagon!

In what could be the most predictable smartwatch rumor ever, AmongTech and The Verge are reporting that Microsoft is working on an aluminum smartwatch with a 1.5-inch screen. Act surprised.

The watch is said to be already in prototype and features a removable band that will come in a variety of colors. Interestingly enough, the watch is said to be made of oxynitride aluminium, a sort of translucent aluminum straight out of Star Trek IV.

The last part makes the rumor seem a bit bunk, but if Microsoft wants their model to stand tall in what will quickly be a crowded niche market, futuristic materials is a good way to get attention.

The watch is said to run a modified version of Windows 8 and leans heavily on cloud storage thanks to LTE support. LTE on your wrist? Yes ma’am.

If this rumor is true, Microsoft is building a watch that will make Google Glass feel like a toy.

There’s no word when the watch will be available, but it likely won’t be soon. Apple’s smartwatch isn’t rumored to hit until late 2014. The rocky launch of early Android tablets taught consumer electronic companies several hard lessons, chief among them being first doesn’t always equate to long-term success.

Microsoft learned that lesson with the original SPOT platform.

Don’t expect this smartwatch, nor Samsung’s, Apple’s, LG’s, or anyone else’s, until it’s absolutely perfect.