Fly Or Die: Ploom ModelTwo E-Cig Vaporizer

It’s been a couple weeks since I reviewed the Ploom ModelTwo e-cig vaporizer, but we thought it fair to have someone else weigh in on the tobacco vaporizer as well.

That said, Engadget’s Brian Heater steps up this week (to fill in for John Biggs) and shares his thoughts on the ModelTwo.

Ploom has been focused on revolutionizing vaporizers for a while, notably with the Pax loose-leaf botanical vaporizer and now with the ModelTwo.

What makes the ModelTwo different from other vaporizers is that it’s not using a synthetic tobacco substitute, but rather heats up small pods of tobacco into vapor. This offers the same rich taste as a real cigarette without all the danger.

It also means that you enjoy your smoke break the same way you would for a cigarette, as the tobacco pods aren’t meant to be toked a few times and then revisited later. Each pod takes about ten minutes to finish.

All in all, we think the $39 device is a solid option if you’re in the market for a vaporizer. Brian took some convincing, but at the end of the day: Two flies.