Celebrate The Death Of Print With This 3D Printed Texture Book

A designer named Tom Burtonwood has designed a book that contains 3D-scanned textures he has grabbed from museums and architecture in his home city of Chicago. The book, which is in the form of an accordion, is called an orihon and can be made on nearly any 3D printer.

He writes:

The impetus for this project was a call for submissions from the Center for Book and Paper here in Chicago at Columbia College. The exhibition calls for both “print on demand” and “photographic” books. This “publication” is my response.

The book is made of multiple printed plastic plates and is quite complex, especially considering the amount of plastic in each section. Burtonwood has done an excellent job, however, of making the book both whimsical and usable – something that should inspire further artists as they rethink they ways they present 3D material.

You can download the book right here and I don’t see why you couldn’t make your own tome of sexy 3D pin-up ogres or a tour of 3D printed toilet seat types using his templates. Or you can recreate his RMutt Pez dispenser. Pretty cool stuff, regardless.