Ask A VC: NEA’s Jon Sakoda On Why The Venture Firm Makes Seed Investments And More

In this week’s episode of Ask A VC, NEA’s Jon Sakoda joined us in the studio to discuss his views on big data, seed investing and more.

For background, Sakoda joined NEA in 2006 and focuses on investments in SaaS, infrastructure software, and big data applications. His investments include Blue Jeans Network, Desire2Learn, Hearsay Social, OPOWER, ScienceLogic, Suniva, and WibiData. Sakoda also co-manages NEA’s seed investment program.

Sakoda talked about why NEA’s $2.6 billion fund makes seed investments, and how the firm approaches these investments in founders. Sakoda also gave us his thoughts on where the next wave of innovation will take place with large-scale data processing.

Tune in above for more!