The Russians Are Coming, Bearing An Algorithm-Based Restaurant App Called Gvidi

We’ve been fans of AlterGeo for a little while. Around since 2008, this startup has a clever hybrid positioning system which combines WiFi, WiMAX, GSM, GPS, CDMA, IP (and for all we know NSA data :-) to make it Russia’s leading location-based social networking service. Foursquare Schmorsquare, comrades. But in November last year they realised they were sitting on a lot of interesting data which could be applied to restaurants, so they released what they say is an “intelligent restaurant guide”, Gvidi, a free iOS-app based on their data. Now that guide is launching with US data on a new app, get it here. Yessiree – the Russians are coming and the bear apps.

The Gvidi app features a large directory of bars, restaurant, and cafe locations, photos, and reviews combined with a personalized search score. All recommendations are viewed by map or a list.

A restaurant is given a percentage score based on its fit to your personal profile and the content on your networks like Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. It can be filtered across multiple criteria (WiFi, non-smoking areas, working hours etc). That is at least the pitch. And of course we know that Yelp and others try to do similar things.

We’ve seen a rash of new food apps launch lately, such as Hasty. However it will be interesting to see how Gvidi performs and whether users take to its approach.