SKDKnickerbocker PR Firm Starts Tech/Startup Division, Led By Ti14th’s Lindsey Green

Lindsey Green, publicist to the NYC startup scene, has just been chosen as the Vice President of SKDKnickerbocker, a reputable political PR Firm that has just started an entire division focused on startups and technology.

SKDKnickerbocker has been around for 20 years, providing guidance and resources to public policy groups and organizations in the New York area. But rather than start a tech/startup-focused division from the inside, the firm chose to look into the NYC startup community for someone to lead the new division.

Green has been in the space for over ten years, with a breadth of experience in different genres including blogging, fashion PR, and worked as director of communications at Jill Stuart for three years. Then she migrated to Kinda Sorta Media to help focus on startup clients, before venturing to start her own firm, Ti14th.

Ti14th has been around for the past three years, and even though she’s under 30 years old, she’s made quite a name for herself in the tech sphere. Some of the Ti14th clients include DailyWorth, Quotidian Ventures, Moveline, Work-Bench, and Green has also worked with Circa and HowAboutWe, among many more.

Current Ti14th clients will move on over to SKDKnickerbocker with Green so that the newly formed division has a concrete base to start from.

Green plans to bring the same non-traditional publicist style to the firm, but with far greater resources than before.

“I try and bring a contemporary viewpoint to PR,” said Green. “With startups, I approach it in a way that fits for startups and technology, and that doesn’t mean traditional PR. I don’t do a ton of press releases, but instead focus on building relationships with journalists who are important to us. It’s all about efficient, non-traditional PR for startups.”

NY companies looking for a PR firm should certainly hit up the new Green-led division of SKDKnickerbocker.