Messaging App Lands On Android, After Pulling In 250,000+ iOS Users In 90 Days, a mobile messaging app created by Keith Teare, co-founder of TechCrunch and partner at incubator Archimedes Labs, which launched on iOS back in April has now gone live on Google Play for Android users. In April Teare said an Android version was due in six to eight weeks’ time. is a mobile messaging app with strong social features — supporting private one-to-one messaging, contained group messaging, and public broadcasts, the latter on a public cloud (similar in concept to Twitter or Google+). Other use-cases include the ability for the app to function as a private journal and/or storage service, similar to Evernote.

Teare and co are hoping to surf the post-traditional social networking mobile messaging momentum that’s been giving serious uplift to messaging apps such as WeChat in China, Line in Japan, and KakaoTalk in Korea — which have amassed tens of millions of users apiece since launching in 2010 and 2011. More in the case of WeChat, which now has some 400 million users — around 70 million of whom are located outside its home market of China. has far more modest numbers of course, as you’d expect at such an early stage and with only one mobile platform supported until today. After three months in the wild on iOS, Teare said: “We reached more than 250,000 unique users in the first 90 days. And 5m iOS screen views.”

Also today has updated its website to allow receipt of and replies to messages from non-smartphone owners — to broaden its reach and appeal. It’s also updated its iOS app to v1.1, including adding a messaging dashboard to showcase the various messaging options available within the app (SMS, email, photo, video, voice and phone calls); streamlining the registration process so public content can be viewed without having to sign up first and messages can be received from another user via SMS; and tweaking the UI design.

“With these three product updates we believe the app is set for rapid growth inn the rest of the year,” Teare added via email.