Loudie, The App That Gamifies Your Concert Plans

If concerts are you’re thing, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re slightly overwhelmed with all the upcoming concert information sent your way, from various subscriptions with LiveNation, AEG, or Bowery.

But an app called Loudie is relaunching to clean up the process of planning with friends, while giving you easy ways to access free tickets to shows nearby.

Originally Loudie was built as a Twitter for concerts, letting users buy tickets, check-in to concerts and share the moment with others tuning in to the feed from afar. However, founder Lance Dashoff realized that people at concerts may be taking pictures or videos but they’re also consumed in the moment. Sharing isn’t high priority.

With the new and improved Loudie, it’s a much more casual experience. Users can browse upcoming concerts in NY and LA, and casually “join” them to spread the idea to their followers. “The idea is around planning,” said Dashoff. “You share a couple of concerts you’re interested in and it only takes having around three friends on it to be useful for finding something similar. It’s a great conversation starter.”

Other services tend to bombard you with information, but Loudie lets you be the proactive one, and only sends you notifications when it’s to reward you with a chance for free tickets. Think of it as slightly gamified social planning around concerts.

For every concert you join, and how far that sharing travels amongst friends, you accrue points that build on to your overall score. These points do not let you purchase anything, they are simply a measure of your activity on the network.

Then, based on how many points you have, your location, and your interests, Loudie will send you push notifications with offers for free tickets for the first people who redeem. Sometimes the offer is for five tickets, sometimes for 10, or 20.

Those who don’t move fast enough for the first offer will be given the option to buy tickets from the app, which is accessing the venue’s mobile site. Dashoff tells me that most of the promotional push offers are for relatively inexpensive concerts, between $10 and $20 most of the time.

“These are shows you probably wouldn’t have known about at all if we hadn’t sent them to you, where you can invite friends and discover new music,” he said.

Eventually, there will be more ticketing options within the app for users, but for now DAshoff wanted to build something that’s easy to use and doesn’t take much thought. You swipe into the push notifications for a chance to win, perhaps join a few new shows to accrue a few points, and eventually make plans with someone to see a show.

The app is available now in the Apple App Store for free.

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