Path Doubles Down On Stickers In Version 3.1, Alongside New iPad Design And Real World Friending

Path added stickers to comments, released a new iPad design, and introduced a new way to add friends in person today.

Any sticker, old or new, can now be used in comments to respond to friends’ moments. Path introduced stickers in version 3.0 in March to extremely positive feedback. In the first 24 hours after the launch, Path saw a million messages sent and made more money than it had in its entire lifetime as a company. Facebook followed suit, adding stickers and then branded stickers, which could develop into a sponsored content business for the social network.

“With our Messaging release a couple of months ago, we introduced a new way to communicate with the people you care about on Path,” the company wrote in a post today. “Since then, it’s been our goal to give characters, faces, and icons to those day-to-day triumphs, annoyances, and logistics. Stuck in traffic? A promotion at work? In desperate need of caffeine? Feeling silly, lovestruck, or frazzled? There’s a sticker for that.”

The company’s blog has been dominated by posts about stickers, which seem to be a major focus for the company, both for user experience and revenue.

In addition to doubling down on stickers, Path improved navigation for its iPad app, making it easier to compose and share moments.


Finally, Path made it easier to send friend requests in person. The app will generate a QR code, which your friend can scan in person and instantly become Path friends.

The update is available now for iPhone, iPad and Android.