The Next Version Of Mailbox Adds Its First Integration With Parent Company Dropbox

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston just announced that the company will be launching a new version of Mailbox, the iOS email app that it acquired earlier this year.

This will be the first real integration between Dropbox and Mailbox, he said. The demo was pretty brief, in part because the integration looks pretty straightforward. If you include a link to a Dropbox file in your email, it will actually be viewable from Mailbox as if it were a normal file attachment.

It sounds like this eliminates one of the few reasons that you’d still want to include a regular email attachment rather than just using Dropbox to share files. In other words, you don’t have to worry as much that mobile users who receive a Dropbox link will be annoyed because they have to jump to Dropbox in order to read whatever you sent them (though of course this will only benefit Mailbox users).

Houston didn’t announce a specific release date for the new app, but it sounds like it’s coming up soon. He mentioned the app while onstage during the keynote for Dropbox’s first DBX developer conference, where he also announced that the company now has 175 million users and shared some significant platform improvements.