Seculert Raises $10M For Anti-Botnet Cure

Seculert has raised $10 million in a Series B round from Sequoia Capital for its advanced protection threat technology designed to thwart malware attacks. Existing investor Norwest Venture Partners (NVP) also participated in the round. The company was initially founded with seed-funding from YL Ventures and now has $15.4 million in total funding.

Seculert creates what amounts to an elastic data net, which¬†detects back doors in a network, discovering malware attacks that have previously gone undetected. The service monitors botnet traffic, looking for a customer’s IP addresses in the botnet itself. If a customer’s IP address is discovered, then it means an attack is underway. If relevant data is discovered, it is sent to the Seculert cloud. Customers¬†get access to the data through a web-based dashboard and are notified through email alerts or via APIs.

The cloud has this aspect to it that dissolves the lines between services. One service can consume other services and then analyze the aggregated data to provide some differentiated offering. Seculert does this by providing the capability for customers to upload data from the different anti-malware tools they use in their own infrastructure.

For example, customers can upload their log files to the Seculert Cloud from other offerings, such as Blue Coat, Squid or others. It will then analyze the logs with analytics from Hadoop to identify advanced threats.

Seculert represents the new emerging model in IT security. Instead of protecting end points, Seculert looks for the relationships in data from various sources to find the threats to the network. Zettaset, for example, is a startup focused on data management and security for Hadoop-based deployments.