LG Is Teasing Its Forthcoming LG “G2” Flagship Like Whoa


It’s that time again.

Korean electronics manufacturer LG is ramping up to release their latest flagship, the “successor to the Optimus G.” Teasing us endlessly, the company has released a teaser video getting us ready for the August 7th unveiling of the new phone.

But this is only the latest in a string of PR stunts to build hype. Last month, the company sent out a press release that never actually gave a name to the phone. Instead, the release just mentioned the phone would run on a Snapdragon 800 processor.

Cue the “oohs” and “ahhs.”

More recently, we’ve received invitations to a special event in NYC on August 7th. The invitation hints heavily at the long-rumored G2’s launch, reading “Great 2 have you,” with the G and the 2 being much larger than everything else on the invite.


However, this morning’s teaser video adds much more solidity to the notion that the next LG flagship will show its pretty face in less than a month.

Even if you aren’t excited about LG’s next smartphone, the video is a cute way to start the morning if you need a little extra encouragement. G thinks you’re perfect, and you know what? So do I.

[via Engadget]