Yahoo’s Recently Acquired Task Tracking Service Astrid Will Go Dark On August 5

Yahoo has been snapping up companies left and right lately, and the revitalized company’s hunger means that some well-received apps and services have gone (or will soon go) offline. Earlier today, another company threw its name into that particular pile: task management service Astrid will officially go dark on August 5, just over three months after co-founder/CEO Jon Paris announced the acquisition on the team’s official blog.

At the time, Paris noted that Astrid would only exist in its current state for about another 90 days and seemed content to leave the service’s future punctuated with a (potentially hopeful) question mark. Users hoping for some sort of clemency on Yahoo’s part probably won’t take the news very well, but, as promised, Astrid’s team has made a data export tool available and pointed to former competitors Wrike, Wunderlist, Sandglaz, and as potential replacements.

Of course, that’s little consolation for the users that Astrid is leaving behind — the company’s Facebook page (which likely isn’t long for this world anyway) is peppered with comments lamenting Astrid’s death… not to mention Yahoo’s role in the matter. At this point it’s still unclear what the Astrid folks are working on over at Yahoo now that the task management service is getting shuttered — Yahoo’s acquisition statement lauded the team’s “background in personalized mobile experiences,” but remained frustratingly vague about what they would actually contribute to the company’s pronounced mobile push.

Meanwhile, other mobile-centric companies that Yahoo snapped up have been allowed to keep working on their wares — it recently picked up Disrupt SF alum Qwiki for a cool $50 million, and has said that it won’t kill off the brand (for now, anyway).