Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith On The Utah Tech Scene, Taking His Company Global, And More [TCTV]

Qualtrics, the enterprise data collection and analysis software company, has become an established anchor of the tech scene in its native Utah since it was founded more than a decade ago. But the company is now looking to expand in a very different neck of the woods — Europe. To that end, Qualtrics has recently opened up its first international outpost, with a new office in Dublin, Ireland.

Qualtrics’ founder and CEO Ryan Smith swung through San Francisco recently, so we invited him to come by the TechCrunch TV studio to catch up on the company in the midst of its global expansion. In the video embedded above, watch him talk about growing a startup outside of the SF and NYC bubbles, how that monster $70 million funding round has shaped Qualtrics’ trajectory over the past year, how the company’s internal culture has evolved with that growth (and how it will continue to evolve now with the new international operations), and much more.