Nokia’s New Flagship (The Lumia 909?) Spotted In Leaked Images Ahead Of July 11 Event

For many of us the 4th of July signifies a day of patriotism, fireworks, and grilled meats, but it also means that there are only seven days left until Nokia opens the doors to a New York press event that’s expected to highlight the company’s new flagship Windows Phone.

The volume and legitimacy of pre-launch leaks surge in the days just prior to a device’s unveiling, so it’s little surprise that noted gadget leaker Evleaks (or Evan, if you prefer) posted a pair of authentic looking images of the phone with just days left to go.

In case you haven’t been keeping tabs on the the tale of Nokia’s newest Windows Phone, the major draw is that it’s expected to feature the same sort of 41-megapixel rear camera sensor made the Symbian Belle-powered 808 PureView such a powerful curiosity. This most recent batch of images seems to confirm a handful of earlier leaks (primarily of the EOS’ voluminous rear end), and Evleaks has followed up with what he claims is a final model number for the device. Rather than the Lumia 1020 moniker that the oft-rumored phone was previously tagged with, he now claims that it will be called the Lumia 909. Throw in the AT&T livery it’s clad in (which is no surprise since the carrier has been bullish on Windows Phone from the start) and most of the mysteries have already been solved — now we just need a price tag.

Regardless of what name this thing actually ends up with, the folks from Finland have been eagerly talking up the possibility of bringing that sensor to a Windows Phone, and that boosterism has recently given way to a campaign of tireless teasing. You can’t really blame Nokia for attempting to pique interest ahead of the the 909’s launch — as our own Ingrid Lunden pointed out when Nokia released disappointing quarterly financials in April, Lumia sales are finally picking up, but the company could still use a runaway hit to help make up for other organizational deficiencies. At the very least though Nokia is outperforming at least one competitor — it sold twice as many Lumia devices as Blackberry sold BlackBerry 10 phones.