To-Do App 24me Adds In-App Gifting To Let You Send Your Friends Real World Stuff

Israel-based startup 24me isn’t your typical to-do list app, since it’s designed to not only help you make a list of stuff that needs doing, but to actually help get that stuff done. The startup has partnered with crowdsourced errand services like TaskRabbit to make that happen, and today it’s also introducing a real-world gifting integration that lets you instantly cross special occasions off the list from right within the app. It’s yet another step in the startup’s continuing efforts to make a more piece of GTD software.

The gift integration is called “Micro-Gifting,” and allows users to send real gifts to friends and family, prompted by reminders of upcoming events like birthdays, anniversaries and more. The Gift integration brings users to a new marketplace that includes items like flowers, chocolates, wines, cards and gift cards, which can be sent anywhere within the U.S. Expansion to other markets is in the works.

Virtual gift apps are not a new thing, but the tie-in with a robust to-do platform that also handles things like paying bills, finding people to run your errands for you and more is what sets 24me apart from the crowd. As 24me co-founder and CMO Liat Hertanu explained to me, the app is like a Siri that actually chips in, rather than just pointing you in the right direction.

“What’s so unique about 24me is that it’s connected to the user’s real life and like a real personal assistant, 24me anticipates what comes next and surfaces the information when you need it most,” she said. “Not only does it auto-generate your personal reminders and organize your schedule, 24me also takes care of things for you and auto-completes different errands such as: paying your utility bills, controlling your financials, sending gifts through 24me’s virtual store to your friends, and even finding someone to run your errands.”


The plan is to continue to roll out more partnerships in pursuit of even greater real-world interaction for 24me, and this is likely where monetization will come in time as well for the free app. Hertanu said that her company has already started to examine and explore the possibilities for monetization through their partnerships, and through the transactions completed in app, though it isn’t saying anything specific as of yet. Likewise with cross-platform availability for the iOS-only title: it’s in the works, but no specific timeline for Android or other apps.

In terms of engagement thus far, Hertanu revealed that 24me has “hundres of thousands of users” who are active daily on the service, and those users have created tens of millions of tasks taken together. Continued addition of new services should help keep engagement and new user growth high.