TC Cribs: Inside StumbleUpon HQ, Where The Web’s Fearless Explorers Work And Play

Welcome back for a new episode of Cribs, the TechCrunch TV series that goes inside the offices of the tech industry’s hottest companies to see what day-to-day life is like for the whiz kids who work there.

This time, we headed over to the San Francisco headquarters of StumbleUpon, the long-running “discovery engine” for surfacing fresh web content. StumbleUpon is a very interesting company, since it’s both an established name (it’s been around since 2002!) with a big user base and a proper independent startup.

Watch the video embedded above to see CEO Mark Bartels take us all around StumbleUpon HQ, where work, play, and delicious lunches all come together into one spot. He is also an amazing sport when it comes to laughing at the inevitable “trip and fall” gags about his company that I may or may not have made within the first 60 seconds of meeting him (get it, I stumbled? Get it??)