Pixate Raises $3.8M Series A From Accel Partners To Bring CSS Styling To Android And Mac App Development

Pixate has closed a $3.8 million Series A round from venture capital firm Accel Partners. The Palo Alto-based plans to expand its engineering and support teams in order to build Android and Mac versions of its platform, which allows developers to style apps using CSS. It will also increase the quality of its support and improve developer resources and release the full version of Pixate Engine for free.

In addition, Pixate announced the launch of Pixate Labs, which is where it will publish beta versions of Pixate, as well as prototypes and experiments of other technologies and projects.

Pixate 1.0 for iOS, which launched to the public in January, gives mobile developers a platform to style their native applications using CSS. In our profile of the startup, co-founder Paul Colton told Sarah Perez that Pixate’s goal is to make it easier for developers to create image-focused apps so they don’t have to rebuild the entire app each time a new graphic is added. Pixate allows designers to focus on editing stylesheets on a framework that has CSS for styling apps and a behind-the-scenes vector-scalable graphics engine. Pixate’s tech is integrated into existing mobile apps via an SDK.

The Palo Alto-based company received seed funding from Y Combinator/YC VC and raised an additional $60,000 on Kickstarter, half of which came from strategic investors Walmart Labs, Appcelerator and Grupo.mobi, which put in $10,000 each (the donation limit).