180M Downloads Later, iHeartRadio Migrates To Windows Phone 8

After topping 180 million downloads on other platforms, the iHeartRadio app is finally migrating over to the Windows Phone 8 platform. Starting today, iHeartRadio enthusiasts toting a WP8-powered handset will have access to iHeartRadio’s music streaming service.

This includes access to over 1,500 live stations from across the U.S., along with user-created custom stations that feature more than 400,000 artists and 16 million songs. Plus, users of the new WP8 app will have the same “Perfect For” feature — which matches a station with your mood — as other iHeartRadio users.

Though the Windows Phone 8 iHeartRadio experience will be identical to its other platforms, which include Amazon Kindle Fire, iPhone, iPad, and Android, iHeartRadio is also taking advantage of specific Windows Phone 8 features. The app is integrated so that users can post their favorite stations to the home screen as its own “live tile.”

Users will also enjoy a sleep timer, which lets you fall asleep listening to a station without killing your battery for the morning. The app also includes a “Discovery Tuner” which lets you adjust custom stations to play music your more or less familiar with. This way listeners can stick with the classics they love or branch out into uncharted musical territory.

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Past that, you’ll also see deeper Facebook integration to let you share what you’re listening to with friends direct to the timeline, as well as songs and stations to newsfeeds.

iHeartRadio is seeing ever-growing competition in the digital radio sector, with apps like Pandora growing steadily as well as the introduction of iRadio, Apple’s new Genius-based streaming service. Still, iHeartRadio claims to be the number 1 digital radio service, as the first digital service to hit over 20 million registered users.

The app is available now in the Windows Phone Store.