CrunchWeek: Sean Parker’s TechCrunch Post, VCs Get Into PR And Journalism, SnapChat Snaps Up $80 Million

Whatever happened to the slow and lazy summer news weeks of yore? This past week certainly wasn’t one of them, as evidenced by all the fun stuff we had to talk about during this episode of CrunchWeek.

Leena Rao, Anthony Ha and I piled ourselves into the TechCrunch TV studio to discuss some of the most interesting tech news stories from the past seven days: Sean Parker’s epic guest post on TechCrunch in which he tackled the criticism of his wedding and the larger state of modern journalism, venture capital firms such as First Round Capital expanding into publishing their own content, and SnapChat’s $80 million round of funding ($20 million of which went straight to the app’s two young cofounders.)

This will be our last CrunchWeek for a little while, as we’re taking a two week summer hiatus — next week, we’ll be off at our July 4th barbecues grooving to Andrew Mason’s upcoming Hardly Workin’ album, and the week after that a bunch of us will be in Los Angeles covering the startup scene there. So enjoy this episode, and until we meet again, enjoy the next couple weeks of summer!