With All That Developer Mojo, Google Is Like An Ass-Kicking Octopus

For James Governor and the RedMonk crew, craft beer is a metaphor for talking about developer communities, the cloud and all that goes with them. It’s something these guys do every day, providing their own independent analysis about the millions of programmers who RedMonk Co-Founder Stephen O’Grady calls the new kingmakers.

So I asked James if he could help illustrate how this metaphor plays out at The Chieftain, a great pub a few blocks from the Moscone Center where we had gathered for the Microsoft Build Conference. We ordered four beers, put them on the table and started talking about the tech giants and how their developer ecosystems relate to IPAs, ambers and porters.

So, you know what you get when you take this approach? You start talking about an ass-kicking octopus. I’ll leave it at that.