HandiBot Is The Robotic Carpenter Of Geppetto’s Dreams

Given that I have no talent in woodworking, I suspect Handibot may – dare I say it? – come in handy. The device is a motorized CNC machine – they’re calling it a Universal Digital Power Tool (UDPT) – for wood. It can cut, machine, drill, and carve. Built by the guys who built the ShopBot, a similarly complex CNC system for woodworking.

The Handibot is basically a 3D cutter. It can create precise cuts in wood or even create complex carvings for molding or decorations. In short, it’s a pocket carpenter.

The product also uses a mobile app to allow users to create various cuts including holes and mortises. You can also download designs from the Internet, creating a sort of reverse Thingiverse.

You can get a Handibot for a $2,700 pledge and they will offer additional bits and accessories that can turn it into a fully-functional shop robot. It’s a lot of money but it’s a pretty complex bit of gadgetry and ShopBot is a solid outfit. They’re looking for a $127,000 goal with $86,000 already raised.