Vine For Android Gets Updated With Front-Facing Camera Support

When Vine started shipping for Android, there was one, big, near-universal complaint amongst its users: It didn’t support front-facing cameras. While the existing iOS port had been supporting front cameras for months, Android users looking to take Vine-selfies (Velfies?) were stuck contorting their wrists like some sort of chump. Users were hopeful it’d come baked into the update that shipped last weekend — no such luck.

In an update pushed to the Google Play store just a few minutes ago, Vine for Android finally learned how to play friendly with that front lens.

Meanwhile, this update also brings a few other new tricks: there’s a new upload manager for the Vines you’ve yet to finalize, a few tweaks to the settings screen, and an overall speed improvement — most importantly, the camera is said to load notably faster, now.

Here are the complete patch notes:

• Front-facing camera
• New upload manager for unsubmitted posts
• Improvements to settings
• Improvements to camera loading time and support for more devices
• Speed improvements overall
• Bug fixes and UI improvements

This update comes just five days after the last — a remarkably quick turnaround, from build to build. Say what you will about Instagram pickin’ up video support, but a little competition really does help kick things into gear.

You can find the latest version of Vine on the Google Play store here.