SketchFab Aims To Be “YouTube For 3D Files”

Alban Denoyel founded Sketchfab on the observation that the internet lives largely in 2D but could easily become a 3-dimensional landscape. The website, which Denoyel is calling “YouTube for 3D files,” is seeking to raise $1M at TechStars Demo Day.

It’s a straightforward service: users upload a 3D model to Sketchfab in any of its 27 supported formats, which the server processes and displays using WebGL and HTML5. The graphic can then be embedded on any web page.

Accounts are free for “3D enthusiasts.” Monetization happens in incremental upgrades for use in advertising, marketing, media, and brand content. The rates stand at $7/month for 3D artists as a portfolio platform, up to $59/month for ecommerce sites. The most expensive enterprise plans support multi-user collaboration.

Denoyel is betting on the overtake of 3D everything in the tech industry. For ecommerce sites, he argues, 3D graphics are much more compelling than flat photographs in showcasing the product. SketchFab went live on Quirky this week, so check out the 3D models and decide for yourself.

Here are some Sketchfab’d TechCrunch glasses: