StickNFind Releases An SDK For Its Clever Bluetooth Tracking Sticker

Think of the possibilities, developers. Find lost keys or the TV remote or a child. Make an electronic Marco Polo game! Embed the StickNFind Bluetooth sticker in a museum exhibit as a sort of supercharged RFID educational system. The world could be yours.

With StickNFind’s new SDK, the company behind the novel Bluetooth sticker is hoping developers will make the little device more than a one trick tiny horse.

Right now StickNFind is more of a proof of concept than practical consumer electronic. Attach this little Bluetooth sticker to something and then find it using the Android or iOS. It’s like an RFID tag but slightly thicker than a quarter.

StickNFind uses Bluetooth technology, so it still works in situations with limited cell phone reception. The company said it has a range of about 100 feet. Other features include a “virtual leash,” so you’re alerted when something moves a certain distance away. It plans to sell two stickers for $49.95 or four for $89.95.

The company demoed the technology at our CES booth earlier this year. It works as advertised. And now with this SDK, hopefully developers can take it from a novelty to a practical device.