Official Facebook, Flipboard, And NFL Apps Are Coming To Windows 8/RT

At its Build developer conference in San Francisco today, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer announced that Facebook, Flipboard and the NFL are about to launch their apps on Windows 8 and Windows RT. As Ballmer notes, Microsoft believes that developers are doing great work on Windows 8 and that the number of apps “that are coming into the store is phenomenal.” He did, however, single these three apps out, which makes sense, given that they are indeed marquee apps for Windows 8 that were, until now, sadly missing from the platform.

Now that Microsoft is putting a new emphasis on small Windows tablets with Windows 8.1, apps like Flipboard will make a lot more sense on the Windows 8 platform.

Flipboard CEO Mike McCue argues that he doesn’t just want to build “the best app possible for Windows 8,” but that Flipboard wants it to be “the best version of Flipboard possible.”


As for the Facebook apps, Facebook tells us that it will first bring a Facebook for Windows 8 apps to the platform. The company is building this service itself and the focus will, for now, be on tablets.

Microsoft, Ballmer said, also “recently struck a deal with the NFL to bring its content and applications to a broad set of Microsoft devices, including all Windows tablets and PCs.” The first app to come to Windows 8, it seems, will be a fantasy football app.