Drew Houston And Bryan Schreier On Dropbox’s Early Days and Stealth Code Name

As we mentioned earlier this week, Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston and Sequoia Capital partner Bryan Schreier joined us in the TechCrunch TV studio for a special three-part series on how Houston and Schreier work together on recruiting, growing as a CEO, and building the company.

The first part of this series was focused on recruiting and retaining talent, and in this video, Houston talks about his journey from being an MIT hacker to the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company, and how he has changed as an entrepreneur and individual.

Schreier, who serves on the board of Dropbox, recalls the first time he met Houston in Sequoia’s offices when the then-fledgling startup took its first institutional investment from the firm. Houston and Schreier also revealed Dropbox’s code name (hint: it’s the name of a famous Pearl Jam song) when the company was still in stealth back in 2007.

Tune in above for more!