Medical E-Booking Platform ZocDoc Opens Up $55 Million In New Convertible Debt

ZocDoc, the company that makes a web-centric platform for booking health appointments, has drawn on $2 million of a new $55 million convertible debt note.

In a phone call this afternoon, ZocDoc CEO Cyrus Massoumi said that the debt note is being provided by a “handful of folks.” He declined to provide further details on the entities involved.

However, Massoumi is keen to stress that the debt is not being taken on out of necessity. “We don’t need the money, we don’t plan to use it, it’s basically sitting in the bank collecting dust,” he said. So why did ZocDoc secure it at all?
“It is on incredibly company-favorable terms,” he said. “I don’t believe that companies should ever raise money when they ‘need it’.”

Indeed, it doesn’t seem like ZocDoc should be desperate for new funds at the moment. Since it was founded five years ago, ZocDoc has taken on some $95 million in venture capital from investors including such heavyweights as Khosla Ventures, Goldman Sachs, DST Global, and others.

The new debt note comes at a solid point in ZocDoc’s growth, Massoumi said: ZocDoc has now passed 1,000 procedure types on the service. This is a nice bit of news for the company, which when it launched way back in 2007 at the TechCrunch 40 conference (the earliest iteration of what is now known as Disrupt) was criticized for being something that people would book minor appointments on, but not major things like heart surgeries. “Now, we have people booking appointments for heart surgeries and butt rashes,” Massoumi joked.

The new infusion of funding will be a nice thing to have set away as ZocDoc continues to angle for more growth. Massoumi says that ZocDoc recently expanded its New York headquarters, and now has more than 400 employees on its payroll. Its platform is live in more than 1800 cities, and the “vast majority” of the regions in which it operates are profitable for the company, he said.

This past fall I had the pleasure of sitting down with Massoumi at our TechCrunch TV studio to talk a bit more about the app’s growth over the years and his overall outlook on capital raises. Check that out below: