Snowden Still Seeking Asylum, Wikileaks May Publish Rest Of His Docs

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden is in political limbo as he seeks asylum with any country that will help him escape from U.S. extradition. On a press call today, Wikileaks Editor Julian Assange assured journalists that he is “healthy and safe,” meaning that they still have no idea where he’ll eventually end up. “I cannot give further information as to the whereabouts or present circumstance except to say that the matter is in hand,” added Wikileaks spokeswoman, Sarah Harrison.

Yesterday, it was reported that Snowden was bound for the sunny skies of Ecuador, the very same country protecting Assange in their London Embassy. But, as the U.S. seeks to get him into custody, it’s unclear what obstacles he’s facing to secure safe passage.

Assange teased the idea that Wikileaks might publish the rest of Snowden’s documents. “Of course, Wikileaks is in the business of publishing documents suppressed by governments.” As of yet, Snowden has been pretty loyal to The Guardian, which has been judicious about disclosing the other 37 top-secret slides.