Dropbox’s Drew Houston And Sequoia’s Bryan Schreier On How To Recruit (And Retain) Top Talent

Dropbox founder and CEO Drew Houston and Sequoia Capital partner Bryan Schreier joined us in the TechCrunch TV studio for a special three-part series on how Houston and Schreier work together on recruiting, growing as a CEO, and building the company. The first part of this series is focused on recruiting and retaining talent.

For background, Houston founded file-hosting giant Dropbox with Arash Ferdowsi at Y Combinator in 2007. Sequoia was one of the company’s first investors, and Schreier serves on the board of Dropbox. At last count, Dropbox was valued at $4 billion and now has 100 million users.

It’s no secret in Silicon Valley that Dropbox has been able to attract some of the best engineering, sales and product talent in the technology world, through both acquisitions and key hires.

In the video above, Houston also explained how he and Schreier work together on recruiting a candidiate and what happens when they disagree on a hiring decision. When it comes to retaining talent, Houston elaborated on how the company makes employee 256 feel like employee No. 5.

Check out the video above for more, and stay tuned for the second video in this series, which will focus on how Houston has evolved from a Hacker from MIT to the CEO of a multi-billion-dollar company.