Snowden Invited To Iceland By Founder Of Payment Provider DataCell

Reuters is reporting that Olafur Vignir Sigurvinsson, founder of colocation service Datacell, is offering to fly NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden from Hong Kong to Reykjavik in a private jet should the country grant him asylum.

“A private jet is in place in China and we could fly Snowden over tomorrow if we get positive reaction from the Interior Ministry. We need to get confirmation of asylum and that he will not be extradited to the U.S. We would most want him to get a citizenship as well,” Sigurvinsson said yesterday.

The Icelandic has remained mum on Snowden’s chances at asylum and stated that the only way he could travel to the country would be by gaining citizenship. Snowden is currently in hiding and believed to be in Hong Kong.

DataCell is most famous for its lawsuit to force credit card provers to allow Wikileaks process donations.

Iceland has traditionally been a supporter of Internet freedom and the small country is working to expand its energy-efficient server business by courting forward-thinking and sometimes controversial clients. Datacell, for example, has a green data center that uses the island’s geothermal energy to power machines and cooling systems. The country had 256 asylum seekers in 2013 and processes them on a case-by-case basis.