Instagram Crosses 130 Million Users, With 16 Billion Photos And Over 1 Billion Likes Per Day

On stage at Facebook’s big mystery event, Instagram’s Kevin Systrom has just shared some new growth statistics for the photo-sharing platform.

Instagram now boasts over 130 million active monthly users. And that’s not all — there are over 16 billion photos on the service altogether, with over 1 billion likes given to users each day.

In February of this year, Instagram had just surpassed 100 million users. But much of that growth came with the introduction of an Android version of the application.

Originally, Instagram launched on iOS only, and had around 30 million users in the seventeen months of iOS exclusivity. A year later, over half of Instagram’s 100 million users are coming from Android.

In terms of volume as a photo-sharing network, Flickr surpassed 8 billion photos in May of this year. That should give you a pretty clear idea of the scale of Instagram usage thus far.