Nestio Launches A New Initiative For Landlords And Brokers To Make Rental Listings More Accurate

Today Nestio, the same service that helps you sort through and organize rental listings in the hunt for a new apartment, has today announced a brand new initiative to help improve the accuracy of listings across all of the web by offering a comprehensive service for brokers, landlords, and the end-user.

In the rough, and quite crowded world of NYC rental listings, TechStars-backed Nestio made a name for itself by taking all the various rental listing services on the web and compiling them in one place. But the service has been quiet of late, working on solving yet another problem for its users.

Despite the fact that Nestio offers a huge volume of listings, the service had little to no control over the accuracy of those listings. But to fix it, the company had to start all the way at the bottom of the food chain, with the landlords.

See, landlords are currently using a number of outdated systems to update their various touchpoints, including leasing teams, brokers, and their own company website. They use a combination of phone calls, whiteboards, spreadsheets, word docs, and even fax machines to update the world on a various space or unit that’s just become available, or rented.

That said, Nestio went quiet for nine months to build out a system to help everyone involved. It’s a web-based tool (optimized for mobile) that lets landlords, brokers and renters update and communicate rental listings in real-time. It looks a little like this:

A landlord learns that one of his newly listed apartments has been rented. He updates once on the Nestio platform that Unit 4B has gone off the market, and the leasing team, brokers, and end-users all see the change in real time. Right now, the platform is only ready for the landlord side of the system, but broker functionality (wherein brokers can make their own updates in real time) will be available soon.

Nestio has been evangelizing the new product for about six months, and has already landed 15 percent of the NYC landlord market. In the meantime, the team is reaching out to brokers with email blasts promoting the new system, and the open rate is about 76 percent.

The new service is available to landlords today, with broker functionality coming soon. Check it out here.

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