Finally, Someone Likens Parenting To Marketing

You know what’s worse than waiting all day for an app (an app!) to get back to you? The fact that an article called “Father’s Day: What’s your ROI?” exists.

Finally, someone likens parenting to marketing. Tech newsmedia brethren, have you given up?

I know, I know, some of our guest posts are also atrocious, and our world does have bigger fish to fry, but weren’t Fridays supposed to be the days that you did journalism, VentureBeat?

Did “Journalism Fridays” not work out? Were you all like “Fuck it, SEO”?

I mean, check this out. All mistakes actually exist in the original post.

To all the fathers out there who think they could be doing better, you are not alone. Recently released data from the federal’s government’s finds that 46 percent of you feel the same way …

And …

Fathers only wait for someone to bring them their slippers and a martini in the movies. In the real world, you have to engage. You have to reach out with the same fearlessness and determination as you would with a new business prospect. Or, to take a page from the Sheryl Sandberg playbook, you must “lean in.”

And …

You didn’t give up when your company didn’t get funding. You didn’t give up when your code crashed your machine. By the same token, don’t give up when your attempts to use technology to model some good old-fashioned positive male behavior fails.

Brave new world with such pieces of content in it.