Google, CodeAcademy And Mozilla Back Launch Of Code Club World

CodeAcademy has been a huge story in the last couple of years. Now a new player is emerging with a complimentary real-world model. Code Club, a UK network of volunteer led after school coding clubs, is launching a new open source Code Club World framework to give every child in the world the chance to learn to code. This will provide project materials and a volunteering framework to support the running of after-school coding clubs.

The project is backed by Google, CodeAcademy, and Mozilla and the first international Code Club World clubs are set to launch in Luxembourg and Kiev.

Code Club World will provide all of the Code Club teaching materials in plain text form in English, uploaded to a special Code Club World page on Github, for programmers and developers to download and translate into local languages. There will be tips and practical advice on building a Code Club.

Code Club founder, Clare Sutcliffe said they’ve had people contact them from all over the globe asking if they can set up a Code Club in their country. “We’re a small operation here in the UK, so we’re been unable to support anyone outside the UK. But, we’ve been listening and we don’t feel that Code Club should be restricted to just this small island. Which is why we’re incredibly excited, on our first birthday with over 800 active Code Clubs set up in the UK, to launch the Code Club World framework for the developer and programmer community to make a difference globally.”

Zach Sims, co-founder of CodeAcademy added, “It’s great to see Code Club open to the world. We’ve seen the impact coding has on children first hand at CodeAcademy, and we are excited to watch Code Club open in more countries.”

Code Club World will write a new set of projects every school term and post them to the Github page, and will launch with French, Brazilian Portuguese, Ukrainian and Turkish with more to follow.