If You Think Glenn Greenwald Should Interview Pres. Obama, Sign This Petition

Americans deserve answers about the National Security Agency’s spying practices. I urge readers to sign an official WeThePeople White House petition for President Obama to sit down with the journalist who helped unmask the NSA’s controversial programs: Glenn Greenwald.

If the president is serious about his commitment to transparency and open dialogue, he should do a one-on-one interview with one of his most respected critics for a candid discussion. The American people deserve nothing less than a conversation about surveillance that we know will be informed, pointed and civil.

“Giving law enforcement the tools that they need to investigate suspicious activities is one thing,” said then-Senator Obama in 2005. “But doing it without any real oversight seriously jeopardizes the rights of all Americans, and the ideals America stands for.”

The press is one of the United States’ most cherished institutions of government accountability. If you agree, ask your friends and followers to sign the petition.

After a petition gets 100k signatures, the administration promises a response. So, regardless of their decision, we’ll learn something valuable–and that seem like enough of a reason to sign.