Maps Comes To OS X Mavericks, Syncs With Your iPhone

Today in San Francisco at the WWDC, Apple unveiled its new operating system for its computers called OS X Mavericks. Among other features, such as a new calendar or iCloud Keychain, Apple demoed Maps for OS X. It looks a lot like Maps on iOS, with Flyover and directions. A key feature is that you can send your destination to your iPhone.

Users get the same info cards as on iOS. This new app could boost Apple Maps’ usage because of its seamless integration with your iPhone. You can look up a place on your Mac and open the map on your iPhone to actually get there.

While Google Maps is just a click away on a laptop, some people actually prefer native apps over web apps. When it comes to market share, it will be interesting to see whether Apple Maps is able to catch up on Google Maps in the coming months.

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