Apple Updates Siri With Twitter, Wikipedia, Bing Integration, New Commands And Male And Female Voices

At its WWDC keynote today, Apple announced an update to Siri that brings a number of new features to Apple’s voice-driven personal assistant for iOS. Not only is Siri getting a number of new high-quality male and female voices and support for multiple languages (English, German and French, for example), but it’s also getting quite a bit smarter. In this version, Apple has integrated Twitter, Wikipedia and search results from Bing, so it can now, for example, read you Wikipedia entries for some searches.

Some of the new commands Apple is adding are, for example, “Play last voicemail,” “toggle settings” and “increase brightness,” though the big surprise here is definitely the addition of Bing as the default search tool for Siri.

For drivers, Apple is also adding a new feature that can push a special new interface to your car’s touchscreen. Among these is support manufacturers are Honda, Mercedes, Nissan, Chevy, Kia and Hyundai. This tool, of course, will also be integrated with Siri.





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