CrunchBase Adds 13,689 Companies And 1,462 Venture Rounds In May

This week, CrunchBase released the May Excel Export Sheet, which includes charts and graphs that illustrate recent U.S. investments, acquisitions, IPOs and more. Though the charts and graphs focus on May’s data, the spreadsheet includes historical data on all U.S.-based companies that have received funding.

Nearly 10K users made more than 43K edits to CrunchBase in May, and data keeps flowing in from the CrunchBase Venture Program, which now includes more than 160 venture firms, angel groups and incubators.

Last month alone, the San Francisco Bay Area received $1.25 billion in investments spread over 22 angel, 22 Series A, 14 Series B, 17 Series C+, and 25 venture rounds. Compare that to May 2012, when the San Francisco Bay Area pulled in $1.06 billion and in 2011 $931 million. By contrast, New York companies earned $233 million in May 2013, $355 million in May 2012 and $267 million in May 2011. My good friend the SV bubble at its finest.

May CB DataThere is no doubt that the New York startup scene is growing, but the $120 million decrease in funding from May 2012 to May 2013 shows some instability in the area. The San Francisco Bay Area has been steadily growing and has more than four times the investments than New York, which is equivalent to 17 $60 million Lyft deals or 102 $10 million TubeMogul deals.

The SV bubble has nothing to fear — it won’t be popping anytime soon.

If you find information that is incorrect or missing, please submit updates to CrunchBase — any registered user can make changes. Download the Excel spreadsheet here.