H.Bloom Floral Service Preps To Launch In 5 New Cities, Starting With Boston On June 11

H.Bloom has been disrupting the land of floral gift-giving for quite some time, but the startup is ready to spread its wings and fly into new territory. According to a release, H.Bloom will be expanding into five new cities in the U.S. over the course of this summer.

Currently, H.Bloom operates in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, San Francisco and Dallas. New cities to join the fold include Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami. They’re calling it the “Summer in Bloom.” Clever.

It’s been a solid year for H.Bloom. The company recently launched an iPhone app with more gift-giving options beyond floral arrangements, and 2013 also saw the introduction of H.Bloom’s Hero products on Valentines Day.

The first two new markets to get service will be Boston and Atlanta, which will launch on June 11 and June 18, respectively. According to the press release, H.Bloom can expand so rapidly due to its ability to reduce spoilage to two percent, far below the industry average of 30-50 percent.

The idea is that low spoilage rates can keep costs down to the end-consumer.

We spoke with H.Bloom founder and CEO Bryan Burkhart who explained that the system is paying off handsomely, with H.Bloom doing $5 million in revenue in 2012.

“Our ambition is to be the luxury floral brand recognized around the world. It is a massive market that has been lacking in technology innovation for some time,” said Burkhart. “We are focused on perfecting our operations as we continue to open in new markets, so that we can continue to provide a world-class product and service to our customers.”