Comedy Central Launches Stand-Up App So You Can Watch All Your Favorite Comedians And Discover New Ones

Comedy Central has released a standalone app for watching and discovering awesome stand-up comedians. The app, called CC:Standup, has more than 6,000 videos from 700 comedians. That will allow stand-up fans not just to find hilarious clips from their favorite comedians, but to find others that they might not have known about.

The app takes advantage of a huge library of stand-up content that Comedy Central has stored in its vaults. After years of collecting various stand-up specials, the company was able to find a way to give access to all the best clips from all the best comedians. (And let’s face it, some that are probably not so good, just because there are so many. Law of averages and all that.)

Ben Hurst, VP of Mobile and Emerging Platforms at Comedy Central, told me that the app is just one way that Comedy Central is trying to expand its brand and engage with millennials. Although why it would want to do that, I really don’t know. “Standup in particular is a huge part of our legacy,” Hurst said, “and this is an exciting standalone extension of the Comedy Central brand.”

When you first open the app, you’re greeted with a curated playlist of standup material. Which is fun and all, and it includes lots of awesome jokes from people you probably already know — like Daniel Tosh or Louis C.K. — but the key to the whole app is being able to really dig deep and find jokes you’ve never heard and comedians you’ve never heard of.

To that end, the app has a search page that will let you search for individual comedians and let you just watch all their content. But it also has a discover field, which makes connections between various jokesters with the same kind of humor that you might also like. There’s even a recommendation engine so that learns from your viewing behavior and can carefully tailor a playlist to tickle your funny bone. Or try to. I mean, how smart or funny can a computer algorithm actually be, anyway.

Anyway, the best part of the app is that it’s free. Although, you’ll have to watch some ads along with those videos. Sucks, I know! But come on, otherwise it’s free. Comedy Central gotta make money somehow. The app is available for download here.

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