Startups Pitch Their Wares At Le Web London — Here’s An 8-Minute Run-Through

Le Web London features, just like other tech events, lots of startups. We did an eight-minute run-through of the startups in the competition here and came up with a few gems. Here’s a run down of those competing.

Cozy Cloud (France)
“Cozy wants to be the personal cloud for everyone, a digital assistant you trust because you have real control over your data.”

Crypho (Norway)
“Crypho lets you securely transfer files, edit documents and chat confidentially, within teams or between companies.” Your data is encrypted before it leaves your computer. Since only the members hold the encryption keys, noone else can access the data, not even us.

Foodzai (Portugal)
“Foodzai is a peer-to-peer community that allows you to easily connect with awesome home chefs in your city, discover their culinary specialties and order extraordinary food.”

Genetrainer (UK)
“Genetrainer is the world’s first fully automated, genetically-guided fitness product. The system provides you with personalised training plans, exercises and advice derived from your own DNA, giving you a faster and more measurable way of achieving your individual training goals.”

Good Night Lamp (UK)
“The Good Night Lamp is a family of internet-connected lamps. Switch a Big Lamp on and a network of Little Lamps around the world is switched on too, letting your loved ones know you’re ready for that Skype call, you’ve come home safe or you’re off to bed.”

MyPermissions (Israel)
MyPermissions is a suite of security tools for protecting personal privacy online. It monitors all applications across social networking sites and in the cloud, including Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, Dropbox and more, and gives users control over the data that apps are able to access.

Ooshot (UK & France)
“Oocasting is a mobile and web collaborative casting app that allows photographers and their peers to work together in a dedicated shared environment.”

Pace4Life (UK)
“Pace4Life is a Non Profit Organisation that addresses this by reusing “previously loved” pacemakers in the developing world for impoverished individuals.”

Pricing Assistant (France)
“Pricing Assistant is a service that optimizes the pricing of online stores”

ShakeChat (Italy)
“ShakeChat is a simple, safe and fun app to make new friends. Casual and easy, just like that: shake your smartphone to browse profiles, tap on “LIKE” if you are interested in someone and if they like you back, you can start chatting with text and pics.”

Studemia (Sweden)
“Studemia is where students go to share resources and collaborate in projects. Choose your current courses and we’ll provide you with valuable tools for creating and working in projects, organizing notes, sharing resources and keeping up with other students in your courses.”

theThings IO (Spain)
“theThings.IO is the new Internet of Things social network. With theThings.IO, users will be able to manage all of their Internet of Things devices efficiently and with an homogeneous experience.”

Timerepublik (Switzerland)
“Timerepublik is a global online marketplace where services exchanged are valued in fungible units of time rather than money. Users offer their skills to other community members and earn credit based on time spent performing the offered services.”

Toogethr (Netherlands)
“Toogethr is keen to make people’s mobility affordable, accessible and sustainable. The Toogethr mobile app brings social mobility into the hands of millions of travellers.”

VineUp (UK)
“VineUp is revolutionizing entry-level recruiting to help recent graduates find employment. We provide smart online communities to help Universities leverage their alumni network as a leading source of employment, internship and mentoring opportunities for both their students and graduates alike, while our technology makes losing touch with their graduates a thing of the past.”

We can be heroes (US)
“Have a big dream? Take a share in it, and cross it off your list! is the first “co-dreaming” platform in the world, allowing its users to fund and execute billionaire-exclusive dreams such as buying an Island, owning an 18th Century Sailing ship, or saving a french Castle in ruins.”

[Thanks to Chris Leydon for the camera work.]