TC Cribs: Asana, Where Zen Yoga And Knife-Wielding Drones Are All In A Day’s Work

Summer is just about here and the time is right for another episode of Cribs, the TechCrunch TV series that takes you inside the tech industry’s most buzz-worthy companies to see what it’s really like for the smarty pants people who work there.

This time we headed over to the San Francisco headquarters of Asana, the company that makes cloud-based task management and collaboration software. You might not think that building and selling enterprise technology products is a relaxed business, but Asana’s office really lived up to its zen name. The whole space had a very peaceful vibe: Yoga, nap/meditation rooms, and calming classical piano are all part of the daily scene to help Asana staffers stay centered (and keep shipping code.)

But amidst all the peace and love, we also came across a couple of elements of danger, mostly in the form of sharp objects — namely, knife-wielding quadcopter flying drones and oyster shucking blades. Deadly stuff, I tell you.

It’s all something that’s better seen than read about, so check it all out in the video embedded above.