Huge Labs Launches Honey, A Reddit-Like Message Board For Sharing News In Your Company

Want a way to communicate with your team and are tired of doing so over email? Honey is a new communications platform that allows employees to have an internal message board for sharing interesting news stories or conversations and access them any time.

Honey provides a SaaS-based tool for internal communications between employees within companies. The platform looks kind of like Reddit, in that users are shown a list of topics or links, which they can comment on or upvote to raise the profile of a discussion. But while Reddit is, of course, designed to allow anyone to communicate with other members of the Internet, Honey is positioned as an application for internal teams.

In part, the idea is to move communication outside of email and make it available for all to view. Employees can create, join and invite others to participate in conversations with one another. Teams can congregate around particular topics, so a team can create a topic for their own communications, which won’t be viewed by the company as a whole. Users can set up notifications, so they receive emails when new comments are posted on their stories or when they get upvoted.

While it was being developed, Honey was tested by members of Huge, who used it for internal communications. Users can share links, upload files and post updates about the company on the platform. It’s designed to be collaborative, but also to enable users to search the archive of information shared — which is a way to keep every one up to speed, or refer new hires to the happenings within an organization.

Honey is the second startup to come out of Huge Labs, which is an internal incubator within digital agency Huge Inc. The first Huge Labs startup to launch was Togather, a platform for the book-publishing industry that is designed to help authors connect with their fans and help them arrange various speaking opportunities.