Atlassian Bitbucket Passes 1 Million Users, Another Validation Of The Fast-Growing Developer Market

In September 2010, Atlassian acquired Bitbucket, the service for code collaboration, similar to GitHub. At the time, the service had 45,000 users. Today it has 1 million users, a validation that the market for developer tools in the enterprise is growing fast.

We know that GitHub has had tremendous growth. In January, the service passed the 3 million user mark. But with such growth also for Bitbucket and othere, there’s ample proof that code collaboration is going mainstream.

Atlassian would not break down the 1 million users it says it has. They would only say that most were not already existing Atlassian customers. I’ll take that at face value. What I will recognize is the validity in the features and the value customers see. After the acquisition, Atlassian made Bitbucket free for five users with private hosting for Git and Mercurial, the version control software. The free service includes unlimited private repositories.

Last May, Bitbucket added the capability for people to create teams that allowed for group code collaboration. Since then, 80,000 teams have been addded. A number of those groups have 10 to 25 people. These teams are becoming a core aspect of the platform’s growth and will be further developed to meet the growing interest. Bitbucket currently has team features for account management with administrator control, the ability to create repositories with permissions so everyone has access and the ability to fork when you want. It plans to offer more notification features and processes that teams can use for more fine-grained controls over such things as pull requests.

Not to be outdone, CollabNet last week announced that it is offering its CloudForge service for free with unlimited private projects and support for unlimited users.