Twitter Just Made It Easier To Obsessively Tweak Your Profile

I don’t know anyone who thought the process of editing their Twitter profile was just too complex — talk about first world problems — but they’re surely out there somewhere and working themselves into a tizzy over a recent announcement made by Twitter profile engineer Patrick Ewing. In a triumphant tweet, Ewing made it known that Twitter users can now edit their profiles in-line without having to pop into a separate account settings tab.

Frankly, it’s a wonder we made it made this far as a society without the ability to more easily tweak our Twitter profile blurbs. The changes aren’t perhaps as sweeping as one would hope though — while you can edit any of your personal info as well as swap your header or profile images at the drop of a hat, you’ll still have to venture into your profile settings page in order to revamp your account’s color scheme or background image.

It’s a relatively minor change (especially when Twitter has been making headlines for snapping up startups left and right), but Twitter has been on a sort of housekeeping kick lately with additions like two-factor authentication for accounts. In the event that you’re still not completely clear on what these new changes entail, take a peek at the spiffy YouTube video whipped up for the occasion: